Summer School FAQ | Academy District 20
Tuition is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by D20 Summer School
When will more Summer School information be released?

Summer Scholars 2019 course information will be released online in April 2019.


When can I register for classes?

In district Summer School registration opens April 12, 2019.  Registration will be available only ONLINE at Families may create accounts and add students prior to April 12, 2019.

Payment online is made through a credit card or electronic check.

Cash payments will be accepted in-person during summer school office business hours at the D20 EAC (1110 Chapel Hills Drive CS 80920). After the first week of registration, please call the office to ensure staff is available to help you at 234-1374.

What courses will be offered during Summer Scholars?

Elementary Level - The main focus of the elementary summer school program is enrichment. The specific class offerings vary from year to year, but always include classes incorporating the basic skill areas of reading, writing, math, and science. Typically, many of the offerings are themed classes enabling students to practice core skills while investigating an area of interest.

Middle School - The central focus of the middle school summer school program is enrichment. The offerings are usually themed classes enabling students to practice core skills in the areas of reading/writing and/or math. Areas of interest enrichment offerings are frequently offered, but usually vary from year to year.

High School - Participants in the high school summer school program are driven by assorted goals. Some students are working to advance in a subject area, some are recovering a failed credit, and others are fulfilling a graduation requirement that will not fit in their school year schedule. The classes at this level vary a bit from year to year, but there are certain courses that are consistently offered. These are:

  • Math
    • Algebra I (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Geometry (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Algebra II (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Online Credit Recovery
  • English (at least one of the following)
    • Contemporary Lit
    • American Lit
    • World Lit
    • Online Credit Recovery
  • Science
    • Chemistry (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Biology (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Online Credit Recovery
  • Social Science (at least one of the following) 
    • Civics and Law
    • U.S. History (1st and/or 2nd Semester)
    • Personal Finance
  • Physical Education
    • A PE sports class

Online Health and Wellness

Are scholarships available?

Partial scholarships are available on a first come basis for District 20 students based on the Free and Reduced Meal Program (also known as FRAM). Funding is limited. While funding remains, Free and Reduced Meal Program  partial scholarships apply automatically through the PayForIt payment system during the online registration and payment process. Each student in the family may receive a partial scholarship for one class per student.

Are there grades?

All Elementary and Middle School classes are enrichment based classes and do not have grades.  High School classes are graded and transcripted using the Academy School District 20 standards followed during the "regular" school year. 

How will I receive my High School students Summer School grades?

As during the regular school year, parents and students can access information and grades on Infinite Campus Student and Parent Portals.  Once enrolled, a second school option is available to toggle to the portal.

Are there any extended-day options available during Summer Scholars?

District 20 does not offer extended-day/daycare services. Several schools have outside providers - please check the school's community bulletin board for information.

What if my student is not registered in District 20?

Classes are open to students from all districts.  Out of district Registration begins May 6, 2019. An out-of-district fee of one hundred dollars is assessed at registration to assist in covering the costs of operating the Summer Scholars program.

A District 20 student ID number is required for summer school registration. Students not currently enrolled in District 20, out of district and/or new to education (i.e., preschool), must complete the student enrollment process through D20 Central Registry (can be for summer-only enrollment) PRIOR to registering for summer school. This step may be completed in advance in preparation for summer school registration. District 20 Central Registry will begin accepting these summer-only enrollments starting on May 1, 2019. For more information on how to complete this part of the process, go to enrollment. Both enrollment steps (online and in-person) must be completed in order to access summer school registration. Please allow 2-3 days for processing.  

What is considered in district vs. out of district?

Classes are open to students from all districts.  A student enrolled and attending a D20 school prior to Summer Scholars registration or a student living within D20 boundaries is considered an in-district student for Summer Scholars purposes.  Any student not residing in the school district or not enrolled and attending prior to the registration of the Summer Scholars date is considered an out-of-district student.  An out-of-district fee of one hundred dollars is assessed at registration to assist in covering the costs of operating the Summer Scholars program.  

What if I need a transcript?

​Out of district official student transcripts are available to a student's stated school of attendance, please have the school email or fax a request to the Summer School Office. In district student's transcripts are updated automatically in Infinite Campus. Hard copies of Summer School transcripts are available to current Summer School students from the Summer School Office by request.


Alumni and other former students can request transcripts via the online transcript ordering system maintained by the district office at The fee is $10 for three official copies and one unofficial.  Identity verification is required for transcripts sent to non-educational addresses.

What if the class I want is full?

​For Elementary and Middle School classes, we suggest selecting and registering for a 2nd choice. If you wish to be waitlisted for your 1st choice class, call the Summer School Office at 234-1374. Once waitlisted, the office will contact you should a seat become availible for your student. As in class registration, waitlisting is typically on a first come, first served basis.


For High School Students, contact the Summer School Office (234-1374) to see if other options are availible such as waitlisting or the OCR (Online Credit Recovery) Program.